Time To Wake Up!!

December 4, 2009

What’s going to happen days from now when we don’t spend all our time thinking of new ideas for blogs, or disagreeing/agreeing with people on their blogs?

It’s time to get back to the same 10th grade English class like the beginning of the year. Hey I didn’t say anything was wrong with it, it’s just going to take awhile to get back in the way of things. This project has really taught me a lot. When we were first assigned this project I didn’t realize what an obsession I would have with it. My first thought was “Oh, here goes another English project…” Now looking back on everything I wouldn’t have changed one thing.

Blogging has now become one of my favorite things to do. I love that I can express my feelings on the internet rather than in person because I feel a lot more comfortable and confident. I usually don’t like speaking out in class just in a case I say something wrong and look not so smart. Other classmates and people all over the world can read my blog entries and have their opinions over my thoughts and then I can read how they feel about what I’ve written and if I didn’t see it from their point of view. It’s an awesome way to expand out minds. It’s not just like any other class project. This one allowed my classmates and me to have open opinions without being judged about how we interpret different things. When we open this to the real world they can see how there are very many ways to analyze this book by 10th grade students. I bet there’s a million other ways with different age groups also.

When Mr. Long first assigned us this I think it was a challenge to see if we could actually successfully fulfill what he wanted. From what I know, I think that we did an awesome job! I love how he assigned our partners by each of our unique attributes that we can help contribute to our groups. My group personally did an amazing job. We worked so well together and communicated all the time making sure everyone was staying on task. We all accomplished everything we hoped for. I know we are going to do well because of the team work and all the hard work we put into this project.

I loved having a project that was basically a “do what you want” but while we knew what we had to get done. Mr. Long kept us up to date and let us lead ourselves down the rabbit hole. I felt a lot better doing this without being under pressure. I’m so excited to get graded from people we don’t know. I feel like it will be a better way and it’s not just one person being the judge of us. We can have people that have just come and followed our blogs but don’t know us as a person, but as a writer.

I’m very sad that this project has come to an end, because I truly loved expressing myself and thoughts through these blogs. Like my group discussed on a CoveritLive, this was like our own “wonderland” and this was our adventure to take us through new paths and for us to discover the bigger picture. I really feel like I learned a lot more because we learned the symbolism through the story. I know I’ll be looking for symbolism in all new books I read from now on. Unfortunately, it’s time for all of us to wake up from this “dream” of ours and get back to the normal routine. I will miss coming in class everyday not being able to do things that go along with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. But I would like to thank my group for doing such a great job and Mr. Long for assigning this amazing project! 🙂


  1. It was really great to read such an enthusiastic review of this project. I’ve had my English teachers following it and considering doing something similar next semester. Your endorsement will help me pursuade them. And I agree with the others that you should continue to blog if you enjoy it as a means of expression.

  2. Melissa, Thanks for sharing your experience and perspective so elloquently. I agree with Carolyn. Keep blogging!! You and your readers will be better for it!!

  3. […] her post, “Time to Wake Up,“  Melissa, a student in Christian Long’s Alice Project reflects on the end of their […]

  4. Melissa, since you seem to love writing a blog so much, I am wondering if maybe you should start your own blog about your English class, and use it to keep reflecting on what you are learning?

    Not as an assignment, but just because you like blogging. And since it sounds like your class is pretty used to blogging by now, maybe other people in your class will continue reading your blog and sharing their insights.

    By the way, I am so impressed with this project and with your feelings about it, that I’m going to write about this on my own blog!

  5. Don’t you think that there is a way you could stay in Wonderland in a way? Alice is always adapting to her surroundings. Don’t you think you could still blog about English class and what you are learning? Even better blog about all the things you are passionate about.

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