Step 5: The Belly of the Whale

November 18, 2009

Here I go again with the next step. Step five is called the belly of the whale. This is usually when the person is in their lowest point of their journey. You are most of the time surrounded by unknown qualities and don’t know what is going to happen. This should be the time when Alice’s mind needs to realize what is ahead of her and that there is no turning back and she needs to rely on herself and just go with her instincts.

Just like when Jonah gets stuck in the belly of the whale (hence the name) he has to try and figure what he is going to do, now that he is stuck and he can’t turn around and get out so simple. It’s the time the hero needs to be creative and not freak out.

In the book, Alice goes through a lot and seems very confused but by the end of the book she has figured out everything. She has formed to the new group of people and acted just like them. She had been around them for so a good amount of time they finally just began to rub off on Alice. This state of mind is usually very confusing for the person, but it will rub off soon because it’s only temporary.

I think Alice goes through this stage many times and is confused for the first half of the book. I don’t think she understands why she keeps changing sizes and continuously gets smaller, or larger. She is also confused when she keeps seeing the white rabbit and how he randomly disappears talking about going to see the Duchess.

But I think that Alice’s time in the “belly of the whale” is really when she gets past the point of the curtain. Even though she doesn’t technically get out through that way, but when she cries. Alice cries because she is very confused and doesn’t know what to do anymore. She is sad and misses home. So this is the point when she is very confused but when all the animals come and talk with her she feels better and I think that starts on the point of her feeling more welcome and interested in her journey.


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